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AURORA — A Denver businessman could sell his commercial property in its blighted state to Aurora for $2.75 million despite a city appraisal pricing it at $77,000.
The Colorado Division of Real Estate is tightening the reins on appraisers blamed for abuses of the state’s conservation-easement program.
These are four of the parties who have been suing the most appraisers in 2011-12. I suspect most appraisers won't recognize two of the names, unless the appraisers are defendants in one of their cases. The parties are in no particular order, but the last one does file the most lawsuits. -
One thing that could kill off the housing recovery; it is appraisals. Since new rules went into effect, many of you are saying, this part of the loan process is the most frustrating and often the most wrong. Joe Milkes, owner of Milkes Realty Valuation, discusses whether appraisals could kill the housing recovery. Clip starts 2:00 in from the begining.
A controversial study by London real estate appraiser Ben Lansink released last month that found house values fell by an average of 38% near one major industrial wind farm has drawn strong reactions from the wind turbine industry and the groups fighting to stop the developments.
In the wake of recent studies that mortgage fraud in the United States continues to rise, the Appraisal Institute has encouraged lenders and consumers to work with valuation professionals who hold competence and ethics in the highest regard.
Back in the day, John Dreano belonged to a group of 375,000 licensed certified appraisers in the United States, professionals who analyzed neighborhood housing markets, sales and trends so lenders could decide the right price for a home loan, and buyers
Mick McGuire, founder of Marcato Capital Management, touted three midcap stocks at today’s Value Investing Congress in New York that offer investors a way to profit off of undervalued land holdings. McGuire used to work with Bill Ackman, who also has tended to look at the underappreciated value in ...
There are five keys to understanding and identifying the opportunities in the commercial real estate market.

The Prospect South Bay Medical Center in Redondo Beach was not listed on Los Angeles County’s property tax rolls from 2005-2007, according to a report posted online last week.

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