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Columnist Kenneth Harney of the Washington Post takes a look at the success record on VA (Veterans Administration) loan programs. He highlights program terms that seem to defy the lessons learned from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and FHA over the past few years. VA offers loans to qualified veteran borrowers with as low as ZERO down payments and the ability to finance closing costs.

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Submitted by JerzyGC (#2)
2246 days ago
Here are some reasons for VA successful programs:

1. Appraisal assigned by computer in strict rotation (this is the way FHA use to assign appraisals).

2. Appraisers carefully vetted and regularly reviewed by VA Staff Appraisers.

3. VA Approved Appraisers are trained by VA directly with yearly meetings and/or online seminars.

4. VA has an appraisal delivery portal and note posting system.

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