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After a few weeks of discussion about the controversial Wall Street Journal article titled: “Judgment Call: Appraisals Weigh Down Housing Sales.”

An editor (WSJ Editor) has posted a forum poll asking the question;” What’s been your experience with home appraisals?” As of this posting, there were 302 votes with the distribution of; TO LOW – 139 Votes (46%), TOO HIGH – 43 votes (14.2 %), GENE
It's no flood of new listings, but more foreclosures are flowing onto the market in Southwest Florida. As banks get their acts together after 11 months of dealing with the robo-signing crisis, more foreclosed home are starting to hit the market. |
Opinion - Individual home owners do not fare so well since not only is the system "antiquated and unfair," but also it is not a level playing field. It's often an exercise in futility.
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