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The criticism is leveled at computerized real-estate appraisals, which depend on models that use prices from home sales and other data to determine a house's value. Because of the housing market's volatility, these appraisals are underestimating prices, some homeowners, real-estate agents and fee appraisers say.
Zillow alleges that Trulia infringes on its patented technology by offering a similar service dubbed ‘Trulia Estimates’, originally launched in 2011 in what Zillow refers to as a ‘copycat service’.
Video Report: A Federal Reserve rule has sown confusion about the way lenders pay housing appraisers, creating new turmoil in an industry already burdened by expensive middlemen, falling home prices and diminished ranks. - American Banker
Appraisals of properties that have transmission lines are similar to other appraisal assignments, but they can be more complex. When an appraiser identifies and observes a high-voltage transmission line, it is important that he report to the client its existence and analyze any potential effects on value. This is consistent with the important role of real estate appraisers in assessing lender col
Hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake in the latest legal battle over the collapse into bankruptcy of the Lake Las Vegas community. - VEGAS INC | Sunday, Sept. 25, 2011 | 4:20 p.m.
ASA/ NAIFA/ ASFRMA Letter to House Financial Services Subcommittee Urges Federal Agencies’ Reliance on Credentialed Appraisers, Criticizes Loophole In Federal Reserve Proposed Rule
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