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On August 16, 2011 The Appraisal Foundation submitted a letter in reference to the Wall Street Journal article titled, "Judgement Call: Appraisals Weigh Down Housing Sales." All appraisers should read the Journal article and The Appraisal Foundation response and voice your position.
Mortgage fraud perpetrators include licensed/registered and non-licensed/registered mortgage brokers, lenders, appraisers, underwriters, accountants, real estate agents, settlement attorneys, land developers, investors, builders, bank account representatives, and trust account representatives.

Analysis of available law enforcement and industry data indicates the top states for known or suspec
ASA/ NAIFA/ ASFRMA Letter to House Financial Services Subcommittee Urges Federal Agencies’ Reliance on Credentialed Appraisers, Criticizes Loophole In Federal Reserve Proposed Rule
Watch 'Intro to UAD: The Uniform Appraisal Dataset - A Recorded Webinar      - YouTube' Play
This is an intro to understand the UAD appraisal changes and how it relates to appraisal clients and the mortgage market. The presenter, Joel Baker, is the Lead Product Coach for a la mode, inc. In this video, walks you through the purposes and functions of the Uniform Appraisal Dataset.
It's no flood of new listings, but more foreclosures are flowing onto the market in Southwest Florida. As banks get their acts together after 11 months of dealing with the robo-signing crisis, more foreclosed home are starting to hit the market. |
Regulators closed the doors on three lending institutions over the weekend; two in Florida and one in Colorado. This latest round of closings brings the number of names on the FDIC
Opinion - Individual home owners do not fare so well since not only is the system "antiquated and unfair," but also it is not a level playing field. It's often an exercise in futility.
Real Estate Guru, Ozzie Jurock flies high in the development world. Now, dozens of buyers of B.C. condo units claim Jurock steered them into money-losing investments in problem-plagued complexes owned by Jurock and his partners. Jurock and two partners are facing legal actions alleging they failed to inform investors about costly deficiencies in the buildings.
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